Marketing & Sales

Marketing Plan

This market has been helped by an explosive annual growth of at least 20% per year in the last decade (USDA, 1997).  By 2015, Canada will stake a claim of between 7 to 12% in the global markets.  Canada is already a net exporter of bulk organic grains and oilseeds, and a significant producer of raw products.  However, even within Canada, demand for organic products is so great that about 80% of organic store products are currently imported from the USA.

The Marketing plan consists of using the phone, Internet, occasional trips to processors and trade shows or conferences.  Another way of marketing is through the Internet.  The internet gives EcoEnviro Labs Inc the means of locating prices and buyers all over the world.  The prices may very from country to country and the highest price can be obtained this way.  New buyers that are advertising on the Internet will be discovered and contacted if need be.  Occasional trips to processors will keep us in contact with the buyers, and will help it keep in contact with what is occurring with the business and also what the market is doing.  The relationship between the processor and the farm will be improved and maintained by the visits.  By attending trade shows and conferences, not only will EcoEnviro Labs Inc knowledge of the market increase but it can also locate new potential buyers.  Knowledge of EcoEnviro Labs will be spread with respect to the general public and other businesses in the organic market.

Sales Plan

The marketing plan EcoEnviro Labs Inc has two different sections starting with the market analysis and then the marketing strategy.

  • The market analysis is broken into three segments:
  • Market
  • Competition
  • Target Market
  • The marketing strategy is then composed of four sections:
  • Price
  • Distribution
  • Marketing planning budget
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (S.W.O.T.)


Locations & Facilities

Our research facility consists of 2400 sq ft of 3 separate labs.

Their is a bio-safety level 2 microbiology lab,a chemistry lab and a hydroponics test lab.

There is an additional 100,000 sq feet available for future production facilities.