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  We have the management team and the chemical formulations to become a major player in the specialized niche we serve. We have developed new technology and processes that are in demand  by major distributors who do not have the ability to produce our specialty products. We see our mission as not only that of…
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Financial Plan

Forecast Key Assumptions As our product will be unique in the market place our projections are based on the average cost of unprocessed feather meal fertilizer. Our product should be sold at a premium as it provides a greater yield of nitrogen per kilogram than our competitors in one season Revenue Expenses Net Profit (or…
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Problem & Solution

Opportunity Problem & Solution Problems Worth Solving One of the major problems with organic farming is sourcing a certified high nitrogen fertilizer. Plant nutrition in organic farming is based entirely on decomposition of organic materials, and release of excess N superfluous to the microbial population. Feather meal (FM), a by-product of the poultry processing industry,…
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Executive Summary

Executive Summary Opportunity Problem The first problem of growing plants  organically is that there has not been an effective system to provide sufficient nitrogen and other essential nutrients to have similar yields as inorganic traditional systems.  The demand for organic product is growing faster than supply. Consumers in North America and Europe are showing an…
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