Monthly Archives: February 2013

Problem & Solution

Opportunity Problem & Solution Problems Worth Solving One of the major problems with organic farming is sourcing a certified high nitrogen fertilizer. Plant nutrition in organic farming is based entirely on decomposition of organic materials, and release of excess N superfluous to the microbial population. Feather meal (FM), a by-product of the poultry processing industry,…
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Executive Summary

Executive Summary Opportunity Problem The first problem of growing plants ¬†organically is that there has not been an effective system to provide sufficient nitrogen and other essential nutrients to have similar yields as inorganic traditional systems. ¬†The demand for organic product is growing faster than supply. Consumers in North America and Europe are showing an…
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Organic Fertilizer

We are actively researching and developing complete 100% organic hydroponic systems that will have yields that are comparable to inorganic chemical systems. The solution proposed is an organic fertilizer formed into a roll that can be applied to an organic farmers field before the growing season which will allow the ground temperature to accelerate to…
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